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Bringing Hope to the World – One cup at a time

Abednego Coffee Roasters has teamed with South East Asia Prayer Center (SEAPC), www.seapc.us, to help bring hope to Cambodia. Cambodia is a war-torn nation that is known for “The Killing Fields” which was a mass genocide of its own people by the Khmer Rouge during 1975-1979. During this time period educators and the educated were murdered and destroyed along with the knowledge needed to pass down to the next generation. Cambodia was able to survive this grim period in history however, due to their not so distant past Cambodia today still lacks educators. The Cambodian people are in desperate search for the meaning of life, the truth, and a Savior.

During the years of 2003-2007 God called me to Cambodia to make a difference for Him through the educational system. During my time teaching first grade at a Christian school I was able to have the opportunity to teach my Cambodian students not only reading and math, but also who God is and what He has done for us. Seeing children hearing about for the first time and hugging their first-ever bibles will always remain in my mind as a precious memory of the love these children had for God. They understand persecution, hardship, and what it means to follow after God is a Buddhist society.

I have had many special moments with my students in Cambodia when I would teach them about the bible. One of the most precious ones was when my one of my students prayed for her father to want to know Jesus everyday till finally the father wrote me a letter and asked if I could give him a bible to read to his family. God works through the power of prayer. Nothing is impossible for Him and Cambodia is a place where He is active and moving to work out His power and purpose using these children are His vessels.

We want to be representatives and voices for these children here in America. Therefore our purpose of Abednego Coffee Roasters is not just roasting the word’s finest coffees, but using our knowledge and education of what we know about Cambodia and other countries associated with SEAPC. We want to make others aware of the huge need and how they can be involved through a simple everyday activity of drinking coffee. When you make a purchase with us 25% of our sales goes directly to SEAPC to help children in Cambodia and around the world by meeting their physical needs and teaching them about their Savior.